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Gundam Size Comparison


As a Gundam beginner, the common questions most likely will be like 

1) What is the size or scale?

2) How can I differentiate it?

That is why OMG decided to do a quick reference chart for you all.

Photo Source: Gunpla Navigation Catalogue 2016

Scales and GradesDetails
  • SD/SDEX - Super Deformed/Super Deformed EX-Standard
  • no particular scale
  • unique feature - large heads
  • easy to construct
  • limited articulation
  • HG - High Grade (1/144)
  • better range of motion and greater pose-ability than most No-Grade kits
  • pre-colored, no painting required
  • without skeletal frame
  • great start for beginner
  • RG - Real Grade (1/144)
  • top-end series of 1/144 Gunpla line
  • extensive detail and articulation
  • with skeletal frame 
  • MG - Master Grade (1/100)
  • higher standards than most other models
  • longer time to construct
  • movable inner frame system, extensive moment
  • suitable for more advanced modellers
  • PG - Prefect Grade (1/60)
  • larger versions models
  • superbly detailed for colors and inner frame
  • suitable for very advanced modellers
  • MSM - Mega Size Model (1/48)
  • largest scale Gunpla line
  • priced lower than PG as smaller parts count
  • detail and articulation same as HG

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