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Mr. Hobby - Gundam Marker

How do you choose Gundam Marker?

GM01 ~ GM03 - Gundam Marker with ultra thin pen point

  • Suitable for ink drawing
  • Super thin for painting engraved lines which can provide more mechanical looking finish
  • Can be erased with rubber eraser [ideally with GM 300]
  • Easy to use
  • Available in 3 colors which are GM01 [Black], GM02 [Gray] and GM03 [Brown]

*Extra tips:

  • GM01 Black: Ideals for dark color parts i.e. blue or gray
  • GM02 Gray: Ideals for white parts
  • GM03 Brown: Ideals for good plated and red parts

GM20 ~ GM21 - Wipe off type Gundam Marker

  • Suitable for ink drawing
  • Brush type pen point which  can paint any detailed engraved parts
  • It has special water-based ink which allows modelers to paint over Mr. Color, Aqueous Hobby Color and Acrysion
  • Can be erased with eraser or swab [ideally with GM 300]
  • Available in 2 colors which are GM20 [Black] and GM21 [Gray]

GM301 ~ GM303 - Pour Type Gundam Marker

  • Uses its tip to pour ink into the mold
  • Can be erased with eraser or swab [ideally with GM 300]
  • Available in 3 colors which are GM301 [Black], GM302 [Gray] and GM303 [Brown]


  • An eraser pen, use to remove excess paint

GM04 ~ GM19 - Paint Type Gundam Marker

  • "Flat Core" pen point which is most suitable for detailed painting
  • Available in 6 metallic colors, 3 fluorescent colors and 7 special colors
  • GM04 [Metallic Gold], GM05 [Metallic Silver], GM06 [Blue], GM07 [Red]. GM08 [Yellow], GM09 [Green], GM10 [Black], GM11 [White], GM12 [Gray], GM13 [Mecha Gray], GM14 [Fluorescent Pink], GM15 [Fluorescent Green], GM16 Metallic Red, GM17 [Metallic Blue], GM18 [Metallic Green] and GM19 [Metallic Violet]

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