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I  would say that this journey is really OMG. I realized the source market for Gundam in Malaysia was quite limited back in 2015 which probably a disappointment for most of the Gundam Fans and definitely I was one of them. 

Henceforth, in order to satisfied my "cravings" for Gundam, I decided to source Gundam Model Kits from both local and oversea suppliers, of course, that was when I started OMG - Oh My Gundam too.

I hope all the Gundam Fans like me would be able to get the Gundam Model Kits that they really want without searching around but just by a click away.

That is how OMG - Oh My Gundam was born.

With all yours supports, OMG - Oh My Gundam which has started off with Facebook page in 2015 has finally set up its own website in year 2017. Since then, OMG never stop giving the best to all the Gundam lovers and with all the determinations and hard work, OMG has achieved to set up its warehouse store in 2018.

Yours supports are much appreciated and hope you all join us as a family, enjoy the ultimate process of buying and building the Gundam Model Kits. OMG - Oh My Gundam, the eWorld of a the new generation.

-The Founder of Oh My Gundam

OMG Mission
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We set our target to be the most popular Gundam Platform in Malaysia
We sell Gundam Model Kits
● We sell Other Plastic Models
● We offer Pre Order