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[OMGPO June 2022] Pbandai RG 00 Qant 00Q Full Saber (Available in June ~ July 2022)
Price RM210.00 RM250.00
Brand Bandai
Size (L x W x H) 31 cm x 19 cm x 8 cm
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Product Description

Brand: Bandai

Grade: RG 1/144

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*Kindly note that stand is not included. Photo is for illustration purpose only.


Additional Information

  • The advent of OO QAN[T], equipped with GN Sword IV Full Saber.
  • From [MOBILE SUIT GUNDAM OOV BATTLEFIELD RECORD], OO QAN[T] Full Saber, equipped with ‘GN Sword IV Full Saber’, is released in the RG Series which seeks for the "REAL" and details not found in others 1/144 series.  
  • GN Sword IV Full Saber and a back connection unit are reproduced with new molding that is based on the RG standard.
  • As plastic model gimmicks, various forms are recreated by combining with different unit, such as “GN Gun Blade”, “GN Launcher Mode”, and “Full Saber Mode."  
  • GN Sword IV Full Saber is thoroughly reproduced with new modeling that is based on the RG standard! GN Sword IV Full Saber is reproduced, included with precise details that conforms to the RG standard.
  • By combining with the unit part which consists of GN Sword IV and three GN Gun Blades, it allows to reform various modes.
  • Clear material parts are applied to the blades.    ・
  • Large equipment with a total maximum length of approximately 156mm.
  • Includes a holding stand which allows for stable displaying.       
  • By changing the unit parts, it is possible to reform the GN Launcher Mode.  
  • [Blade Mode/Gun Mode] The blade part of GN Gun Blade is applied with expandable structure. Reproducing two forms: Blade Mode and Gun Mode.
  • By connecting two Gun Blades, it is possible to display as twin edge format.    ・
  • By combining with GN Gun Blade, it allows to reproduce various attack styles.   
  • GN Sword IV is applied with separable structure between the grip and the blade. GN Katar Mode can be reproduced by assembling the specfic joint parts to the blade.       
  • [Rifle Mode Wide Cutter Particle Beam/High Power & Continuous Fire] By changing the Blade of GN Sword IV and the Gun Blade, it allows to reproduce the Rifle Mode.
  • It is possible to reform two styles of the Wide Cutter Particle Beam : High Power & Continuous Fire.    
  • The main body form of OO QAN[T] Full Saber is completely reproduced!
  • The back which assembled with GN Condenser and the connection parts of GN Sword IV , are reproduced with new molding.
  • Includes various hand parts and a stable stand!  
  • Includes Realistic Decals together with specific GN Sword IV Full Saber markings.  
  • Weapons : GN Sword IV / GN Gun Blade / GN Sword V / GN Sword Bit / GN Shield

What's in the box

1 x Pbandai RG 00 Qant Full Saber