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Airbrush Tools Cleaning Pot / Cleaning Brush / Cleaning Needles / Nozzle Cleaning Needles

RM 10.00

Product Description

Brand: China Brand


  1. Tool Airbrush Cleaning Pot Yellow AH-501
  2. Tool Airbrush Cleaning Brush AH-505 [5 different sizes]
  3. Tool Airbrush Cleaning Needle AH-506 [5 different sizes]
  4. Tool Airbrush Nozzle Cleaning Needles AH-500 [one unit]

*Kindly note that Airbrush is not included. It is sold separately.

*Each product is sold separately, it does not come together as a set

Additional Information

How to clean airbrush:

  1. Add a few drops of the Tools Cleaner into airbrush cup.
  2. Point the airbrush gun down at an angle and place your finger over the needle cap. 
  3. Push down and pull back on the trigger to produce a back spray effect. This will free any paints particle blocking the nozzle passage.
  4. Clean the airbrush cup with a Airbrush Cleaning Brush.
  5. Spray the remaining Tools Cleaner out from airbrush to the Cleaning Pot.
  6. By using Cleaning Needle, it can help to unblock any residual that stuck inside the airbrush.

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