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Bandai Digimon Pendulum Z II (3 Colors)(Available in April ~ May 2021)

RM 250.00

Product Description

Brand: Bandai

Color: Blue (Wind Guardians), Black (Metal Empire) and White (Vi Busters) 

Product Size: 6.3cm x 4.3cm x 1.9cm

Release Date: April~ May 2021 (Arrival to Malaysia - subject to change)

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Additional Information

  • A sequel to the portable LCD toy "Digimon Pendulum Z" is now available!
  • Addition of new Digimon of 3 new powers.
  • Addition of Digimon that can be cultivated and release of new evolution routes.
  • Releasing 3 types of "Digimon Pendulum Z II, which is "Wind Guardians", "Metal Empire" and "Vi Busters", the sequel to "Digimon Pendulum Z".
  • Similar to the previous "Digimon Pendulum Z", this product is equipped with a pendulum sensor and jogress function at the time of the first release of the Digimon Pendulum series released in 1998, and contains a total of more than 100 Digimon in 3 different colors.
  • In this work, new Digimon such as "Tropiamon" and "Manticoremon" are recorded.
  • In addition, the Digimon that appeared from 1998 to 2020 have been reconstructed with the same forces as at that time, such as "WIND GUARDIANS", "METAL EMPIRE", and "Vi BUSTERS".
  • By communicating with one different version of the "Digimon Pendulum Z" series, the evolution routes of popular characters such as "Veemon", "Hawkmon", and "Patamon" are released for each type.
  • By communicating two more, the evolution routes "Gabumon Route" and "Wolfmon Route" will be released, and "Gabumon-Friendship Bonds-" will be fostered.
  • The training function is equipped with a pendulum function as it was at that time.
  • The result of training and the attack power at the time of battle will change depending on the number of "Pendulum".


  • Body x1
  • Instruction manual x1

  • Product material : ABS, PC, SI
  • Battery : CR2032 x 1 used (with) * The set battery is for testing.

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