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Bandai Digital Monster X Digimon Digivice

RM 350.00

Product Description

  • Digital Monster X ( Dejitaru Monsutā X) is a brand new Digital Monster Virtual Pet which focuses on X-Antibody Digimon.

Brand: Bandai

Release Date (Japan): March - April 2019

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Additional Information

  • Evolve Adventure Map System is a built in quest adventure map which allows player to fight various type of Digimon and Boss Digimon with each progress.
  • A new hidden area will appear in the map if players connect both Black and White Digital Monster X and more evolution branches will be unlocked once the new area is cleared.
  • XAI dice system is a luck based system which higher dice number will allow player to control the attack gauge meter more easily, however it does not directly effect critical attack. The number range from 1 to 7 being the highest roll.
  • Attack Gauge Meter affect the chance of landing critical hits. The pointer will move back and forth and players need to stop the pointer by pressing B at the highest point for Critical hits. The speed of the pointer varies depending of the number of XAI dice player rolled. Higher dice will give you slower pointer speed which makes it easier for you to time it. Different digimon has different critical chart point.
  • Backup System can preserved two Digimon in its current training status safely for use later. This is useful if players want to raise another Digimon without killing any two of the current Digimon which can be used any time when players need to battle with a friend later.

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