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Bandai Figure-rise Standard Masked Rider Hibiki (Available in Oct ~ Nov 2020)

RM 136.00 RM 145.00

Product Description

Brand: Bandai

Grade: Figure-rise Standard

Box Size (L x W x H): 29.8cm x 18.8cm x 6.6cm

Item Code: 60442

#Kamen Rider Hibiki #Figure Rise Hibiki

Additional Information

  • [Kamen Rider Hibiki] is lined up in Figure-rise Standard!
  • Thorough reproduction of proportions in the play.
  • Adopt a newly developed [polarization molding color] to reproduce the characteristic suit color. Reflection that changes like a gradation depending on how the light hits expresses the texture.
  • The gradation of the mask part is reproduced by combining the change in the thickness of the clear parts and the sticker attached inside.
  • The sound angle and sound attack stick (A・Tun) are molded integrally with the hand parts to express the minute expression of the fingertips holding the weapon.
  • Includes clear molded effect parts that can be replaced at the tip of the sounding stick and the blazing fire.
  • You can powerfully reproduce the deadly technique with the included drum effect.
  • [accessories]
    ・Figure-rise effect pedestal x 1
    ・Sound hammer, sound hammer effect x 2
    ・Sound shooting effect × 1
    ・Sound angle x 1
    ・Wrist parts Decisive hand (right), dedicated sound angle hand (right), sound hammer holding hand (left and right), open hand (left and right), grip hand (left and right)
    ・Foil seal x 1
    ・Tetron seal x 1

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