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Bandai HG GN Arms Type E + Gundam Exia (Trans Am Mode)

RM 220.00

Product Description

Brand: Bandai

Grade: HG 1/144

Series: Gundam 00

Box Size (L x W x H): 44.3cm x 34cm x 9.9cm

Item Code: 57929

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Additional Information

  • Strongest armed supersized Exia manipulates. Clever variable armed to reproduce in HG kit! Powerful in the play
  • Stand included to reproduce the scene. Parts such as cannon arm and is mobile, also poses
  • HG Gundam Exia comes according to the program appearance scene of `special` specification!
  • Completely reproduce the final race combined, by a variable armed. By Exia on board in the center, and set up each weapon
  • Reproduce the attack scene.
  • HG Exia can be installed to use the joint of the crotch.
  • To incorporate a mechanism that folds from the center, arm Sword section reproduce the sword action scenes. 
  • Aircraft reproduce the scene in the play that feather is moving up and down, thereby moving forward the small blade with a built.
  • Equipped with large size Canon, the change of direction up and down the aircraft shoulder mechanism. Gun barrel is slide back and forth,
  • Reproduce the shelling scene.

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