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Bandai HGBF Chinagguy

RM 88.00

Product Description

Brand: Bandai

Grade: HG 1/144

Series: Gundam Fighters

Box Size (L x W x H): 29.8cm x 19.2cm x 6.7cm

Item Code:19545

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Additional Information

  • The ending that appeared also in the ending appeared in HG finally!
  • [Gundam Build Fighters] appeared in the ending, the subject became a topic [chinagai] finally gotplugged at HG.
    It features a gimmick such that the original head of China can also be reproduced by removing the characteristic bearhead.
  • Natural posing possible!
    Chest and leg joints realize a wide range of motion using KPS material.
    Various posing is possible.
    Shoulder frills and apron use soft material.
  • Attention face modeling!
    Eye is a clear part style and seal type.
    Glasses are a selection formula without lenses.
  • Fulfilling play value
    When decomposing the head part, the original head of China appears from inside.
    Also packed with gimmicks that you can change hands by replacing forearms.
    Bear ear version and regular version comes with headband.
  • accessories
    -  · 2 types of eyeglass parts (clear, frame only) x— 1 each
    -  · Display pedestal x— 1
    -  · Headband x— 2
    -  · Forearm parts for replacement (left and right) x— 1 each

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