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Bandai HGBF Lightning Z Gundam

RM 88.00

Product Description

Brand: Bandai

Grade: HG 1/144

Series: HG Build Fighters

Box Size (L x W x H): 30cm x 19cm x 7.7cm

Item Code:57943

*Kindly note that action base/stand is not included.

#HG Lightning Z Gundam #Build Fighters Lightning Z

Additional Information

  • Yuuma has appeared Gundam that was produced in the `` second conclusion of the Sakai-Minato! Lightning Z Gundam sortie !!
  • Gundam that Yuuma in order to settle the Sakai-Minato even as a builder in the master Cup final story is based on a Z Gundam that was produced. And mounting the shield and rifles on the backpack that can be equipped with a backpack wings on the arm. Furthermore, it is also possible to assume a launch form of fire of birds shot in the movie.
  • Reproduce yet Z Gundam a characteristic proportions that have been subjected to remodeling the whole body at full new.
  • It can reproduce the bird launch form of fire by replacing the weapons and wing.
  • The effect parts can be attached to the wing.
  • Shields and rifles can be installed on the back.
  • Other armed parts, accessories effect parts.
  • Lightning Z Gundam ... Gundam that Kosaka-Yuuma has won exhibited in the master Cup open course. We have added your own remodeling to Z Gundam.
  • Includes: beam rifle, shield, beam wing (left and right)

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