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Bandai HGUC Baund Doc

RM 200.00

Product Description

Brand: Bandai

Grade: HG 1/144

Series: Universal Century

Box Size (L x W x H): 39cm x 31cm x 9.1cm

Product Height: Approximately 19cm

Item Code: 58822

*Kindly note that stand/action base is not included.

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Additional Information

  • A large mobile armor with a total height of about 190mm from [Mobile Suit Z Gundam] is now available in the HG latest format!
  • Express the characteristic coloring with molding color.
  • Thoroughly reproduce the variable gimmick of MS and MA without compromising the peculiar proportions that are supple and strong.
  • The characteristic skirt structure is reproduced by the calculated parts composition and color coding.
  • Reproduce a unique transformation like folding the upper body into the waist skirt armor. You can enjoy the display in the form you like.
  • The power pipe of each part adopts an elastomer material and can move flexibly.
  • Attached weapons are [Beam Rifle] [Diffusion Mega Particle Cannon] [Beam Saber].
  • Dedicated pedestal is included.
  • [accessories]
    ・ Beam Rifle x 1
    ・ Beam saber x 1
    ・ Diffusion mega particle cannon × 1
    ・ Exclusive pedestal x 1
    ・ Foil seal x 1

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