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Bandai Hi Resolution Model God Gundam

RM 520.00

Product Description

Brand: Bandai

Grade: HIRM 1/100

Box Size (L x W x H): 38.7cm x 31.1cm x 8cm

Item Code: 58206

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Additional Information

-From [Mobile Fighter G Gundam], the high-resolution God Gundam is lineup in the high resolution model series! 

  • Use a solid painted frame with a die cast.
  • The frame specialized for fighting battle has evolved further, and elbows, knees, and shoulders are equipped with interlocking slide gimmicks when moving.
  • The structure of the abdomen that enables forward bending is movable like a muscle, and bold kicking action is also possible.
  • A movable range is secured by connecting a side armor to the back armor. Dynamic poses can be taken.
  • The toe parts move to improve the ground contact. Give rubber parts to the soles and improve grip.
  • The thumb of the hand can be richly expressed by the movement of three joints.
  • The solar effect is expressed with a PET seal, and can reproduce the hyper mode that releases the chest and shoulders.
  • Adopt a jewel seal on the chest energy multiplier.
  • Hand parts can be replaced with a hand, etc.
  • Includes clear orange parts for god fingers.

  • [accessories]
    ・ Finished product frame
    ・ Jewel seal × 1
    ・ Rubber sheet × 1
    ・ PET sheet × 1

  • [Item content]
    · Molded articles × 10
    ・ Tetron seal × 1
    ・ Instruction manual × 1

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