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Bandai PG MSZ-006 Zeta

RM 800.00

Product Description

Brand: Bandai

Grade: PG 1/60

Box Size (L x W x H): 63.2cm x 40.5cm x 13.4cm

Item Code: 75680

#PG Zeta #PG Gundam Zeta

Additional Information

  • Movable mechanics were reproduced within Action Mechanics Models 'and' complete transformation] to Zeta Gundam, the best of both models. Gimmick Built-parts issue.
  • Expand the abdomen and the head cover in conjunction with mobile chest.
  • Work together to deploy a dedicated beam rifle scope barrel / grip /.
  • Built-saber is emitting gimmick (1) clear edge beams and parts (2) is attached.
  • Deformable skeleton (full frame mover) in combination with external armor
  • Pursued the reality of the Mobile Suits.

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