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Bandai SDBB Gundam Exia Repair II [334]

RM 32.00

Product Description

Brand: Bandai

Grade: SD

Series: SD Gundam BB

Box Size (L x W x H): 25.7cm x 19.1cm x 5.6cm

Item Code: 60684

*Kindly note that action base/stand is not included.

#SD BB Exia Repair II #SD Exia Repair II #Exia Repair 2

Additional Information

  • 00 mobile soldier Gundam final hero it is MS, it is soldier of BB, and solidification.  
  • An impressive development version is attached to the GN drive by the final episode.  
  • SD Gundam original gimmick. An original weapon bundles it. To an original weapon bringing parts only for [gandamuekushia] together.
  • Accessories: × 1 breaks new GN sword, GN beam saber × 2, GN shield × 1, GN Short Blade × 1, GN long blade × 1, GN beam saber (expanded beam length) × 1, GN beam saber (short beam expansion) × 1, original weapon mount parts

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