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CCS Toys Mazinger Zero Metal Build [Available in 2nd - 3rd quarter 2021]

RM 150.00

Product Description

Mazinger Zero - 铁甲万能侠 真魔神 Zero 合金成品

Brand: CCS Toys 

Actual Height: Approx 23cm

Box Size (L x W x H): 

Release date: 2nd or 3rd Quarter of 2021

Original copyright available.

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Additional Information

Material: ABS and Inner Frame Metal Build
Specification: This model has printed and assembled.

Actual Height: Approx 23cm

Preorder Tips

  1. Customer may choose to make full payment (RM 1150) + shipping fee.
  2. OR, customer may choose to pay deposit first (RM 150) + shipping fee. When stock arrive, our OMG Crew will contact you to make the balance (RM 1000).
  3. Please ensure the information such as name, address and contact number are provided correctly.
  4. Once payment done, you can wait for the stock to be released :D.

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