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Eastern Model Ironman MK85 Ironman LXXX V

RM 300.00

Model Kit Iron-man MK85

Brand:  Eastern Model

Scale: 1/9

Box Size (L x W x H): 

Height: approx 20cm

Release date: Nov 2020

*Kindly note that photos are for illustration purpose only. The picture shown is painted model kit.

Version: Normal (READY STOCK) / Normal - Recoated version (PRE-ORDER) / Coated premium (SOLD OUT)

Normal & Coated Premium:

  • LED
  • Weapons
  • Platform Base
  • Weapon effect parts
  • Battery for LED

Accessories included:

🔥Nano Lightning Refocuser: 1 unit
🔥Energy Blade: 1 unit
🔥Nano Lightsaber: 2 units
🔥Modeling Gesture (Hands): 5 pairs
🔥Platform Base: 1 unit
🔥Foot Special Effect Piece: 2 units
🔥Nano Repulsor Cannon: 1 unit
🔥Shooting Special Effect Parts (Long): 6 units
🔥Shooting Special Effect Parts (Short): 6 units
🔥LED Lamp Group: 6 units

Normal - Recoated version: 

This version using normal MK 85 and recoated into coating red. The colors tone is sharper than original Premium version.

Coated Premium version only (This version has sold out!!): 

  • Extra weapons
  • Extra LED
  • Extra Coated parts
  • Extra Effect parts
  • Parts of inner frame are alloy material

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