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Paint HD Weathering Powder Set (9 Colors) + Brush + Box / Weathering Brush only

RM 10.00 RM 45.00

Product Description

Brand: HD / China Brand

Product Size: 6.5cm x 1cm x 1cm

Variation :

  • HD Weathering Powder Set (9 Colors) + 1 Brush + 1 Storage Box
  • Weathering Brush only (5 units)

#旧化粉彩棒 #Weathering Color #Weathering Colors #Weathering Powder Color

Additional Information

<HD Weathering Powder Set (9 Colors) + Brush + Box>

  • It comes along with 9 colors , a brush and a box to store the extra powder.
  • The 9 colors are:
    • 001 White
    • 004 Golden Ochre
    • 016 Burnt Ochre
    • 017 Sanguine
    • 019 Burnt Umber
    • 045 Cool Grey

    • 046 Black
    • 053 Dark Naples Ochre
    • 060 Van Dyck Brown
  • It is a must to grind this weathering soft pastel into powder in order to use.
  • It is suggested to use sandpaper #600-#800 to grind it into powder [Details as shown in picture]
  • Kindly note that the grit of the sandpaper will affect the smoothness (Fine/Coarse) of the final powder.

How To Use:

<HD Weathering Powder Set (9 Colors) + Brush + Box>

  • Firstly, choose the color that needed and grind it accordingly on sandpaper to turn it into powder. The sandpaper's grit is based on preference, but it is usually #400 or #600.
  • Then use dry brush (clean & dry brush that has not use with thinner for at least one day) to get the powder and put it on the area that wanted to create effects.
  • As the powder does not really work on gloss surface, henceforth it will only create better results on rough/matt surface.
  • If there is too much/ with excess powder on the surface. it is suggested to blow it away immediately in order to remove it (Refer to picture). DO NOT USE the brush or hand to remove the excess powder as it will create a mess on the surface unless that is the effect that want to be created.
  • By using this weathering soft pastel, it is able to create effect that is comparable with those that is using airbrush.
  • This weathering soft pastel can also be used on scene base surface.
  • Kindly note that it is not recommended to touch the finished product (after applying weathering powder) to preserve it. Matt Surface Spray can be used to protect it too.

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