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Paint Mr Color Gundam Color XUG01 - XUG09

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Product Description

Brand: Mr. Hobby

Volume: 18ml

Item Code: XUG01 - XUG09


  • XUG01 Sinanju Red (Semi Gloss)
  • XUG02 Neo Zeong Red (Semi Gloss)
  • XUG03 G-Self Blue (Semi Gloss)
  • XUG04 Exam Blue 1 (Effect Custom)(Semi Gloss)
  • XUG05 Nimbus Red (Semi Gloss)
  • XUG06 Hyaku Shiki Gold (Metallic)
  • XUG07 Exam Blue 1 (New Label)
  • XUG08 Exam Blue 2
  • XUG09 Nimbus Red (New Label)

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Additional Information

  • XUG07 and XUG08, the lineup contains Exam Blue 1 and Exam Blue 2 reproducing the Blue Destiny 1 and 2.
  • XUG07 Exam Blue 1 is perfectly fit for the blue destiny's body. Main color of head, chest and hip of the blue destiny. It is the same color as XUG04 Exam Blue released in June 2016. 
  • XUG08 Exam Blue 2 is a navy color that also perfectly fit for the blue destiny's body. It is a completely new color.
  • XUG09 Nimbus Red is perfectly fit for the shoulder of the Efreet custom and the Blue destiny 2, and the personal color of Nimbus . It is the same color as XYG05 Nimbus Red released in June 2016.

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