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Paint Mr Hobby Mr Color C131 - C175

RM 10.00

Product Description

Brand: Mr. Hobby

Volume: 10ml

Item Code: C131 - C175


  • Paint Mr Color Propeller Color / Red Brown II C131
  • Paint Mr Color Earth Green C132
  • Paint Mr Color Russian Green 1 C135
  • Paint Mr Color Russian Green 2 C136
  • Paint Mr Color Tire Black C137
  • Paint Mr Color Clear Green C138
  • Paint Mr Color White Pearl C151
  • Paint Mr Color Super White IV C156
  • Paint Mr Color Super Italian Red C158
  • Paint Mr Color Super Silver C159
  • Paint Mr Color Fluorescent Red C171
  • Paint Mr Color Fluorescent Yellow C172
  • Paint Mr Color Fluorescent Orange C173
  • Paint Mr Color Fluorescent Pink C174
  • Paint Mr Color Fluorescent Green C175

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Additional Information

  • Mr.Color hobby paint is a paint that has long been regarded highly by modelers world wide as a model paint that delivers an outstanding finish. 
  • There are a large number of colors and color types available, which are suitable for painting almost all models.
  • Generally, Mr.Color provides a wider range of paint colors and finishes than Aqueous Hobby Color, and will dry to a smoother and harder finish.
  • The use of Mr Thinner is required to thin Mr. Color paint, both to thin paint if desired, and also to clean paint brushes and airbrushes. 
  • Mr Thinner is available in 3 types (standard Mr. Thinner, Mr.Rapid Thinner and also Mr. Leveling Thinner) and four sizes - 50ml, 110ml, 250ml and 400ml.
  • When applying Mr.Color paint, 1 to 2 coats are recommended when using paint brushes, and 2 to 3 coats if using an airbrush to spray paint.
  • If airbrushing Mr.Color paint, it should be thinned after diluting to a ratio of between 1 (Mr.Color) and 1 to 2 (Mr. Thinner), depending on the degree of paint viscosity required.
  • Gloss levels obtained using gloss coat Mr.Color hobby paints can be adjusted by using Flat Base - mix approximately 5 to 10% of C-30 Flat Base to convert gloss colors to a semi gloss finish, or 10 to 20% for a matt finish. The percentage of Flat Base used can be adjusted to vary the amount of gloss level obtained.

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