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B530 Mr Super Clear Smooth Flat-cutout.png

Paint Mr Super Clear Smooth Flat B530 Top Coat

RM 55.00

Product Description

Brand: Mr. Hobby

Item Code: B530

Volume: 170ml

#Coating #Coat #Layer #Top Coat #Mr Super Smooth Flat #Mr Super Clear Smooth Flat Topcoat

Additional Information

  • It can provide the smooth surface as well as GX114 SUPER SMOOTH CLEAR, and paint large area.
  • It is developed on a concept of "make the surface smoother!"
  • Since it contains fluorine, it can provide the smoother surface compared with existing items (C182, B514).
  • Also it has ability that decreasing occurring of whitening phenomenon, thus it is a high grade flat coat spray. 
  • When it sprays on unpainted plastic models, it will look like all-painted.
  • It decrease the scratch occurring. and joint parts moves smoothly.
  • Fluorine is oil or water resistant substance, but it can paint on other paint like Mr.Color, Aueous Hobby Color or Mr.Weathering Color.

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