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Pbandai HG 1/144 Extreme Gundam Type-Leos Eclipse Phase [Available in Apr ~ May 2021]

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Product Description

Brand: Premium Bandai

Grade: High-Grade HG 1/144

Release month: Mar 2021 (Subject to Bandai)

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#Extreme Gundam #Premium Bandai #Type Leo #Type-Leo

Additional Information

From the game "Mobile Suit Gundam EXTREME VS. Maxi Boost ON"

The eclipse face of the shooting evolution form of the evolving mobile suit "Extreme Gundam" will be commercialized in Leos color.

Reproduce the deployment gimmick of the armament.

Thorough reproduction of eclipse face modeling and coloring

Faithfully reproduce the shape of the large armament on the head and back. Coloring based on red, white, and clear yellow is also reproduced with molding colors.


  The head part - the version has been upgraded to make it more like a game.

  The back design - Reproduce the "Eclipse Cluster" and "Carnage Striker" equipped on the back.


Reproduce various armed gimmicks

  The "Variable Psycho Rifle" and "Carnage Striker" are equipped with a connection / deployment gimmick.

  A dynamic action pose can be reproduced.


  Variable Psycho Rifle

  The cross-buster mode can be reproduced by connecting the two rifles. It is possible to make a shooting pose with the attached dedicated wrist.


  Carnage striker

  The carnage striker can be deployed to reproduce a long form of artillery.


-Comes with Extreme Gundam armament

  A characteristic shield and rifle are also included. The equipment of "Extreme Gundam" can be reproduced.

Attached armament: Variable Psycho Rifle / Blaster Cannon / Eclipse Cluster / Carnage Striker / Beam Rifle / Shield


Accessories: Display stand

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