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PBANDAI HGUC 1/144 AMX-018 [HADES] TODESRITTER (Available in Jan - Feb 2021)

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Brand: Premium Bandai

Grade: HGUC 1/144


Release Date: Dec 2020

#Gundam HGUC AMX-018 #HADES #P-Bandai HG #Pbandai HGUC #PB HGUC #Missing-Link #Missing Link

#Pale Rider

Additional Information

From the episode, Mobile Suit Gundam SIDE STORY: Missing Link, that was featured in the video game Mobile Suit Gundam Side Stories enters the overhaul version of the Pale Rider! This unit features a lot of changes and newly molded parts from its predecessor.

New parts feature a pair of sub arm units installed on both sides of its shoulder armors. In addition, the arm units can also be equipped with a hyper beam saber. 

The backpack unit is equipped with a central sub-generator unit that has 6 verniers, left and right thrusters binders and a propellant tank.

The 6 incoms provided in the thruster binder can be removed to perform a funnel bit mode while using the provided lead wires.

The kit is also completed with various equipment, that includes, a Hyper Knukle Buster - a high-powered shooting armament that was diverted from AMX-008 Ga-Zowmn. It also includes a shield, diverted from Bawoo unit, keeping the relief symbol of the Neo Zeon army. Also, a pair of beam saber can be holstered inside its forearm when not in use. 

Credit: The above information is from (AMX-018 HADES)

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