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Pbandai MG Blaze Zaku Phantom Rey Za Burrel (Available in July - Aug 2021)

RM 340.00

Product Description

Brand: P-Bandai

Grade: MG

Box Size (L x W x H): 

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Release Date (Japan): July - August 2021

*Kindly note that action base/stand is not included.

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Additional Information

  • From "Mobile Suit Gundam SEED DESTINY", Rey Za Burrel's Blaze Zaku Phantom appears in master grade.
  • The characteristic coloring based on white is reproduced with the molding color. Cattus 500mm recoilless rifle is included with new modeling.
  • Reproduce the coloring of the Rey Za Burrel dedicated machine with molding color
  • The impressive coloring of white and light purple, which is the personal color of the Rey Za Burrel exclusive machine, is reproduced with the molding color.
  • "Cattus 500mm recoilless rifle" is attached with new modeling
  • The Cattus 500mm recoilless rifle used by the Ray machine even in the play is included with new modeling.
  • In addition, various weapons of Blaze Zaku Phantom are also set.
  • Cattus 500mm recoilless rifle
  • Large armament used by Ray planes. Coloring is also reproduced by making the muzzle and magazine separate parts.
  • Comes with water slide decals including Zaft mark.
  • Attached armament: Cattus 500mm recoilless rifle / Beam assault gun / High-performance explosive bullet / Beam Tomahawk / Shield /

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