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Play Toys 1/6 Metal Build Iron Man Mark VI

RM 1,450.00 RM 1,900.00

Product Description

Brand: Play Toys (China Brand)

Scale: 1/6

Box Size: 33.5cm x 43.5cm x 15cm

Product Size: Approximately 33cm height

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Additional Information

  • Various accessories to replace with more than 30 movable joints
  • Armor features:
    · One LED magnetic induction light-emitting armor head (with the mask turned on and the light turned off, and the mask turned off and the light is on) contains a real human face carving (white light, battery required to start)
    · LED light-emitting triangle chest reactor (white light, need battery to start)
    · LED light from multiple locations including: forearm, shoulders, both sides of ribs (light blue light, battery required)
    · Detachable shoulder missile
    · Removable chest armor, revealing the internal precision mechanical structure
    · Replaceable forearm armor, with normal and open missile shapes
    · Hidden Shoulder Missile Cannon
    · Moveable armour behind the legs
    · Moveable spoiler on the back
  • Replacement accessories and others:
    • 4 pairs of replaceable palms include:
         A pair of fists
         A pair of movable fingers light up the palm (white light, need battery to start)
         A pair of firing palms (white light, battery powered)
         A pair of laser gun palms
    •  3 replaceable magnetic induction masks including:
        Nondestructive mask
        Lightly damaged mask
        Badly damaged mask
    •  3 replaceable breastplates include:
        Nondestructive Breastplate (Alloy)
        Lightly Damaged Breastplate
        Badly damaged breastplate
    •  2 pairs of interchangeable shoulder armor include:
        Nondestructive Shoulder Plate (Alloy)
        Damaged Shoulder Plate (Alloy)
    •  2 pairs of replaceable boom armor include:
        Nondestructive Boom Armor
        Damaged Boom Armor
    •  2 pairs of replaceable thigh armor include:
        Nondestructive Boom Armor (Alloy)
        Damaged Boom Armor (Alloy)
    • One LED illuminated platform with snake-shaped bracket

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