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Rihio Multiabyss V-Link Mecha Defender + Construction Set MM002

RM 45.00

Product Description

Brand: Rihio

Scale: 1/60 [Approximately 8cm]

Box Size (L x W x H): 22.6cm x 21.6cm x 6.6cm

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Additional Information

  • V-Link Mecha series is a model kits that encourage creativity and imagination of the modelers for them to create a unique own mech.
  • Its concept is to use the same size of cylinders, holes and spherical joints of the multiple sets in order to form infinitely different styles and scenes, just like building bricks. 
  • Each figure can be transformed into three different shapes.
  • It has two colors at the moment, which are Red and Yellow.
  • The parts in each color's package are the same, combination of different packages is needed to produce multiple color mecha.

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