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Paint Tamiya Color Spray TS21 - TS40

RM 33.00

Product Description

Brand: Tamiya

Item Code: TS21 - TS40

Volume: 100ml

  • TS-21 Gold
  • TS-22 Light Green
  • TS-23 Light Blue
  • TS-24 Purple
  • TS-25 Pink
  • TS-26 Pure White
  • TS-27 Matt White
  • TS-28 Olive Drab 2
  • TS-29 Semi Gloss Black
  • TS-30 Silver Leaf
  • TS-31 Bright Orange
  • TS-32 Haze Gray
  • TS-33 Dull Red
  • TS-34 Camel Yellow
  • TS-35 Park Green
  • TS-36 Fluorescent Red
  • TS-37 Lavender
  • TS-38 Gun Metal
  • TS-39 Mica Red
  • TS-40 Metallic Black

Additional Information

  • It is made up of synthetic acrylic lacquer  
  • It is extremely useful for painting large surfaces. 
  • It is not affected by acrylic or enamel paints 
  • It may be applied over a cured spray painted surface. 
  • Do not spray on decals and sticker.

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