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Paint Tamiya Color Spray TS61 - TS80

RM 40.00

Product Description

Brand: Tamiya

Item Code: TS61 - TS80

Volume: 100ml

  • TS-61 Nato Green
  • TS-62 Nato Browm
  • TS-63 Nato Black
  • TS-64 Dark Mica Blue
  • TS-65 Pearl Clear
  • TS-66 IJN Gray (Kure Arsenal)
  • TS-67 IJN Gray (Sasebo Arsenal)
  • TS-68 Wooden Deck Tan
  • TS-69 Linoleum Deck Brown
  • TS-70 Olive Drab (JGSDF)
  • TS-71 Smoke
  • TS-72 Clear Blue
  • TS-73 Clear Orange
  • TS-74 Clear Red
  • TS-75 Champagne Gold
  • TS-76 Mica Silver
  • TS-77 Flat Flesh
  • TS-78 Field Gray
  • TS-79 Semi Gloss Clear
  • TS-80 Flat Clear

Additional Information

  • It is made up of synthetic acrylic lacquer  
  • It is extremely useful for painting large surfaces. 
  • It is not affected by acrylic or enamel paints 
  • It may be applied over a cured spray painted surface. 
  • Do not spray on decals and sticker.

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