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Tool Dspiae Single Blade Nipper ST-A3.0

RM 155.00

Product Description

Brand: Dspiae

Box Size: 17cm x 11.5cm x 4cm

Item Code: ST-A 3.0

#Ultra-Thin Single Blade Nipper #Ultra Thin Single Blade Nipper #Craft Tools Single Blade Cutter

Additional Information

  • Nipper is used only for plastic models, suitable for PS, PP, ABS, PE, RESIN and any plastic diameter less than 3mm.
  • It is not suitable for metal kits.
  • It utilizes a single bladed design that elevates the ability of a nipper to cut plastic smoothly and efficiently.
  • This nipper is produced using specially forged steel that has undergone high-temperature smelting, allowing the rockwell hardness of the blade to reach a rating of 58-64.
  • The blade of the 3.0s is then carefully polished, creating a beautiful mirror-like surface that enhances the smoothness of the cut and improves the comfort of use.
  • The blade edge of the nipper is slightly lower than the blunt end. This is to prevent the nipper from having misalignment issue caused by the stress exerted by the plastic gates during the cutting process.
  • The blunt end is slightly higher than the blade edge allowing the blade edge to land on the blunt end during the cutting process, preventing misalignment issues.
  • It comes with a limit regulator which can use to adjust the blade gap and a nipper protector which helps to avoid damage to the cutting edge cased by accidental collision.
  • Contents:
    • Single-bladed nipper
    • Cowhide nipper protector
    • Limit regulator
    • Cleaning cloth

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