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Tool Mo Shi MS010 Sanding Block 3 in 1 with Grit Sticker

RM 12.00

Product Description

Brand: China Brand 模式玩造

Item Code: MS010

Color Variation: White / Gray / Green

Thickness: 2mm

Product Size: It comes with 3 sizes

  • 1.0cm x 8cm
  • 1.5cm x 8cm
  • 2.0cm x 8cm

*Kindly note that each color is sold separately, It does not come together within a package.

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Additional Information

  • Sandpaper need to be purchased separately, there is no sandpaper included for this product.
  • This product can be use together with MS009 Sticky Sandpaper (Sold separately).
  • It comes with grit number sticker for labeling purpose.

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