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Tool Tamiya Epoxy Putty (Smooth Surface / Quick Type)

RM 26.00

Product Description

Brand: Tamiya

Item Code: Smooth Surface -87052 / Quick Type-87051

Box Size: 13.5cm x 4cm x 1.7cm

Weight: 25grams

#87052 # Tamiya 87052 #87051 #Tamiya 87051

Additional Information

  • This epoxy can be used for a myriad of modifications. 
  • Anything you can think of to sculpt can be made with this putty. 
  • It can be used for sealing holes. 
  • It can act as a powerful adhesive fill which binds, sets and makes waterproof a wide range of materials. 
  • Once applied it turns into a hard, tough, permanent and waterproof seal. It will not shrink after hardening and is resistant to most solvents. 
    • Smooth Surface
      • Mix the white putty and light blue hardener for a quality epoxy putty specially formulated to dry with an exceptionally smooth finish. 
      • It dries in around 12 hours at room temperature.
      • high density type.
      • this version is smoother and easier then the previous version.
      • Hint: Wet your tools or fingers with some water while working with it to minimize sanding after.

    • Quick Type
      • This putty consists of white putty and a beige hardener, 
      • It dries in 5-6 hours at room temperature. 
      • Use it for parts you want to set quickly.   
      • It can sands beautifully and has a density that is very close to Bandai plastic.  

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