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Tool Tamiya Mark Fit (Decal Solution / Strong)

RM 18.00

Product Description

Brand: Tamiya

Size: 40ml 

Item Code:

  • Tamiya Mark Fit (Strong) 87135
  • Tamiya Mark Fit (Decal Solution) 87102

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Additional Information

  • Tamiya Mark Fit (Strong) 87135
    • Compared to Mark Fit 87102, this "strong" version has a more powerful formula for softening decals. It will help decals adhere and conform to difficult curved surfaces or matte-painted surfaces. It could also help speed up the decal application process.
  • Tamiya Mark Fit (Decal Solution) 87102
    • Mark Fit enables perfect decal applications. It softens decals so they can easily fit to uneven, rounded, and matt finish surfaces of plastic models while increasing adhesion.

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